Hope this doesn't affect anyone:

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There have been drug shortages in US for at least 5-6 years.....including instances of fake Avastin (about 3 years ago)among others


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    I have absolutely no idea where my Chemo drugs were manufactured.  REading articles like this just put the scare right through me. 

    I have always steered clear of taking medications, Synthroid being the only one. But when faced with Chemo, didn't have too much of a choice (OK, I understand, I did have a choice. But you know what I mean). 

    Thank you for posting the article, ColoCan. 

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    The companies need held to be fully responsible for the product liability and should have some traceable QA data and independent samples.  Also labeling of API origin and mfg should be a discussion.  I've thought a website with "serial number" entry could have the details.

    From our vantage point, it is always hard to tell who contributed what to the mess. Ripoffs, monopoly scams, FDA bs,  US pharma bs or foreign manufacturer bs - likely all of them, something.