End of week 5 , still alive


Hi everyone, Shirley here reporting at the end of week 5. Still on solids although awoke with the worst sore throat to date. Nausea still. Vomiting here and there. My neck muscles are so stiff. Skin starting to bleed behind ear ,was prescribed silver cream stuff for it. 5 tx to go then probably 2 more weeks of agony before i turn any corners. Best wishes to those in front and behind me and in fact everyone who rides the bus. 



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    You are getting there, day by

    You are getting there, day by day! One foot in front of the other. <3

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    You go girl!

    Wow!  Still on solids!!  I am on all liquids now...well except for watermelon and vanilla ice cream.  Not only because it became difficult to swallow, but also because I lost my taste..it made me really nauseous and ended up throwing up.  My voice has beome really hoarse, Dr said my vocal cords are swollen.  You are doing really great..one week left!  Yayyyy!!



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    Hang in there

    You're so close and soon you'll be updating us on your progress recovery. I'm in the middle of week five and my neck is definitely getting red. Not painful, but itchy as hell. Also, I have a nice white stripe down the middle where they hold back on the radiation. It's very becoming. 


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    Yaaay. Been thinking of you

    Yaaay. Been thinking of you all.  Glad you're still on solids. To help with nausea, I found eating protein first helped a lot and then I could do the carbs.  Also, have you all tried L Glutamine for the sores and sore throat? I used to gargle with it. Hard to gargle sometimes, but I tried as much as I could.  The end is near! The last few days were the hardest, but then the final day was like Christmas for me. I was so excited.  

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    5 down


    You have got this, just a little more.  You  are as tough as any of us.

    I used the silver sulfadiazine cream with great success.  It is a bit messy, but took away all the pain.  It is on my list as great product. 

    You can start looking forward to feeling better soon.


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    You've got this!


    You have this under your belt now. One week will fly by for you. You are correct in that this last week will be rough as well as the week after for sure. I finished my last radiation on 7/15 and that was true for me. However, the physical fact of not lying down any more to get zapped goes a long way towards making you feel better. Relish that fact and allow the healing to begin.


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    Hang in there Shirley, the finish line is ahead!

    You can do it. Solids...impressive! The Silvadene cream is awesome - use it. We're cheering for you and we'll be jumping up and down when you cross that line.