Happy for my Husband, Heartbroken for our granddaughter

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We got the results from my husband's 4th scan today.  The Onc. has not looked at it yet, but I read it.  It seems the same as the last 2.  He still has 4 very small 8 - 5 mm spots in his lungs however no new growth!  Will still have to do chemo (he is on Folfiri now) will do #22 tomorrow. That is the good news, the horrible, terrible, awful news is our 6 yr old granddaughter was just diagnosed with a rare brain disease.  Her brain is shrinking.  She is forgetting how to do things, ect.  They still can't find the reason for this, and has sent her blood to many labs within the country.  They think it might be genetic.  This is fatal with no cure.  We (along with parents) are heartbroken.  How can a smart, active, loving child be fine for 6 yrs and the next day be delivered this news! We will be visiting them in August, can't wait to give them all big hugs!  I know this isn't cancer related, but just need to vent.


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    Oh my goodness! What tragic news about your sweet little granddaughter.  I'm lost for words. 

    I am happy to hear that things seem stable with your husband. 

    You are all in my thoughts. 


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    I can't believe just how

    I can't believe just how unfair life could be.  I am so sorry.  Would she enjoy a little surprise in the mail?   Your family will be in my prayers.

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    I'm so sorry. I hope they can figure it out and cure it soon. I have 3 grandchildren, they are my heart. I can't imagine how you feel.

    I'm glad your husband's cancer has stabilized.

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    Oh good Lord! I'm so, so

    Oh good Lord! I'm so, so sorry for such awful news regarding your granddaughter. Just devastating. Happy for your husband but oh my goodness...

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    Thank you all for your kind

    Thank you all for your kind words.  We are just so heartbroken, it should be a happy time because Tim's cancer is disappearing.  At least now we can put all our conscentration and prays toward our granddaughter.  The Drs have taken the normal testing to give this a name and everything is comming back fine.  They said they are confident that they can give it a name, but not confident to stop it, at best maybe slow it down.  Please pray that they find some answers soon, are not able to treat this without knowing what it is.

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    Absolutely your granddaughter

    Absolutely your granddaughter is in my prayers.


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    You and your family sound

    You and your family sound tremendously strong which will undoubtedly serve you during this difficult time. Sending many good thoughts her way..

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    I can't imagine, or don't

    I can't imagine, or don't want to, the pain and fear of hearing such a thing of one of my grandkids [11]. You and yours have my thoughts and prayers