Peritoneal cancer detected after radical bladder cancer removal

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My sister underwent radical bladder removal surgery in April.  Her uterus,  ovaries ,  fallopian tubes and part of vagina were removed.  She took six chemo sessions before and six after the surgery.  Twenty days after her last chemo,  she had again been detected as having secondary abdominal or peritoneal cancer.  Doctors are suggesting Hipec treatment.  


I would like to find out about the prognosis and success rate of this relatively new cancer treatment.  Her biopsy report is yet to come,  but according to doctors it is stage 4. Her weight has reduced to 42 kgs and her general health is not very good.  Her digestive system has gone for a toss, and she pukes everything.  Please let me if there are any other treatment options. 


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    Riya, I am sorry I cannot add

    Riya, I am sorry I cannot add anything to your request but wanted to let you know no one fights alone and the support of family and friends means everything.  You and your family are in my prayers.  

    You mention that her general health is not very good and that will have an impact on how she handles treatment as well.