Week Three Done

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Hi Everyone, 

Just checking in after completing my third week of rads yesterday. The fatigue is definitely starting to catch up with me and after each treatment my mouth feels a little sore for a while, but then it fades away by the morning. I have my magic mouthwash at the ready, but haven't had to use it so far. I've got a little mucus build up in my throat, but nothing that interferes with sleeping yet. I have started to lose hair in the back of my head - huge clumps of it are falling out. 

I did get a recurrence of some nausea and vomiting and had to go back on Zofran. I was worried about my calorie intake for a few days, but I'm starting to feel better and take in more food. I'm still able to swallow although it all has to be soft foods or bits and pieces get stuck in my throat. 

Mentally, it's been tough, although I upped my antidepressant and I think it's starting to work a bit better. Lots of anxiety. I've been trying guided meditations and also just having friends and family to talk to when I'm feeling down or scared. This whole thing is just overwhelming at times and there are so many moving parts to keep on top of. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, too, so I get caught up in doing everything perfectly - getting just the right amount of calories/protein, getting the right amount of fluids, etc. 

I'll be so happy when treatment is behind me and I can just focus on healing! 


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    Kari - it's hard to believe I know

    but you are doing really well. At three weeks my husband's mouth sores prevented him from swallowing anything, and he had to wake up every 2 hours to clear mucus while sleping in a recliner. It sounds like you are doing the right thing to manage anxiety and you are halfway there! Hang in there...we are all cheering for you. If the mouth sores get worse...don't forget about L-glutamine powder dissolved in some water - it has been helpful to many on this list.

    Hair will come back and it's worth losing it to gain a date with NED.


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    3 down


    Don’t hesitate to drink your calories when needed.  It is funny how the simple task of eating can become such a chore.

    For most of us, around week 3 is when the less fun side effects start to rear their ugly head.

    Keep treating the issues, keep your team in the loop, drink and swallow often and if your magic mouth wash is good, take advantage (I loved the stuff).