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Hello everyone,

So many new names on site.  For those of you that I haven't met yet, keep the word BELIEVE in your vocab. from here out.  And know that everyone's walk with the beast isn't the same....tx's maybe, surgeries maybe...but not outcomes.  I am almost 5 yrs. out.  Dx was adenoid cystic carcinoma of the large saliva gland, rt. side.  

I'm checking in for the one's that were my bus mates from the beginning of this crazy ride.  I am fully "Hospice" now, and given 6 months.  Mets in lungs, and in the neck area.  I think the headaches are the worse.  I sleep quite a bit, and try my best just to get through every day with a smile on my face.  This is truely a new normal adjustment.  But the craziest thing is I think I've conquered the fear of what's to come.  I look forward to each new adventure every day.   My Hospice team is the best.  They have promised to keep the pain at bay.  And are giving me the ability to finish this walk my way.  

Again for the newbies on site.  Please, please always believe there is a way to battle the beast.  Many new tx's and hope lay just beyond tomorrow.  This site rocks, and have given many the ability to speak what's in their hearts and souls during their journey.

I will probably not write here again, but will have one of the kids let you folks know when my journey is at the last.  God Bless you all.  Keep the faith, and know you have all meant the world to me.  (my prayers for a cure will always be)  

                                                                        Hugs sent as always,



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    Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given to me and others on this forum.  I have walked your walk with my husband and I can say Hospice was truly a wonderful gift to us. 

    God Bless you -- Sharon

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    may God bless you and comfort you as you continue your journey.


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    Hi Sweetie

    Dear Katie,

    I was happy to see your post, but feel an emptiness inside reading your update.   You describe your situation simply and eloquently, you always have the right words.

    It was about 4 years ago when you were speeding down the road heading to the doctor’s office (at a calculated average speed at over 70mph).  I knew then that you could be my “wheel man” in a tight spot.

    I have enjoyed your past posts immensely and wish you a gentle ride.

    Love you lots,


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    Thanks for all you've done for me


    Over the years, you have been a rock of support for me.  I'm not all that sure I'm that far behind you at this time, and I'm taking great solice on how you are dealing with the DX.  I can only hope I can have the same grace and courage.

    Joe Cortney

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    Oh Katie........

    I saw checking in, then read the post. Very sorry to read this as you were always there for just everyone. Thoughts and prayers with hope the headaches stop soon. May you be at peace and will always be remembered for all the lives you have touched. God Bless.


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    Oh Katie....sweet kind Katie....

    My heart hurts hearing this....from the beginning of my journey here.  You were always there to give me courage and faith when my well ran dry.  I will miss you, Katie....You have been a light for so many people here....And your right about the word carries a lot of power. 

    Until we meet again (and we will).


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    long time no see stranger

    Hi Katie,

    I'm both happy and sad. Happy seeing a post from a long time member but sad seeing the post. You've always been so strong and grounded. It is reassuring to hear you are sort of in the "zone" and at ease with your journey. You have had so much adversity to overcome in the past, I just hope you are comfortable and find comfort in the support and caring you receive. I'm sure everyone would love to hear from you, as long as you feel good. Love don

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    You are a class act

    Dear Katie

    having read many of your posts as a longtime member of this group I just want to say goodbye. My love goes out to you!

    How I admire your courage to come here and teach the rest of us how to walk this path with the utmost grace and dignity. May you find some peace and comfort in your journey. What an honor to have shared  a teensy bit of it with you!  Thank-you sweet Soul!


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    As always

    Positive thoughts and prayers Katie. You set the example of a true warrior. 



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    Love ya warrior.., my prayers are always with you.. 

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    I've been thinking about you!

    Katie, although I haven't posted here as often, I've been visiting and watching for posts from you. I'm glad for the update even if the news isn't what I'd hoped to hear. You've handled all of this with such bravery and grace. Know that even if you don't check in here again, I'll still be thinking of you. 

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    You were and are my inspiration throughout my journey. Your post fills me with sadness, but, also with the  satisfaction, that you know who you are, and where you're going. Love and peace to you and your family