Week Three- Finis


Today is the end of week three. I am halfway through. I wish the next three didn't seem like an eternity away. I felt my worst so far going in for the zaps today. It was meet with the doc day and I burst into tears (which is always a good look). I told her of my throat, mouth and  ear pain. She gave me some liquid morphine. I've been so nauseous even though I take Zofran. Again thank you all for being here. When i feel like quitting i think of all of you who didn't. Onward.


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    I am so sorry you are having such a rough time!  Hopefully the pain meds will give you some relief.  Today was the start of my 3rd week, I have 4 more after this (7 weeks).  Today was also chemo day, which took about 6 hours.  I am having some difficulty swallowing, some sores in mouth, fatigue.  Doc put me on gabapetin but said liquid meds available anytime I need.  I'm on anti nausea because of chemo.  Prayers said you will get some relief!!  Hang in there!!


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    stay strong


    Half way on Rad (& chemo) Highway.  Don’t forget to fill-up with water along the way, watch out for bumps in the road, pull over and rest when you need to and remember to keep your team (H&N included) on where you are.

    Good luck,


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    As I'm reading this post, I

    As I'm reading this post, I loliked back at when I was where you are, and it did seem like a long ways away. BUT, suddenly it seems like with a blink of the eye, it's the last week and you're barrelling forward to the end.

     I found that a little bit of protein helped keep the nausea at bay. Having finished today (I am still in shock!), I know exactly what you girls are feeling, and I'll be here to help you anyway I can.  One day at a time so many said, and it's the best advice. Don't look at how many to go, but what you accomplish each day.  Keep well. Keep hydrated, and do try plain coconut water. It's been so helpful.  HUGS!!!

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    You can do it

    Like Joanne, I'm right behind you - will finish up week 3 this week and then four more weeks to go after that, plus chemo next week. I just got my magic mouthwash today as I'm starting to feel a bit more pain in the throat when I swallow. So far nothing I can't manage without pain meds, but I don't want to get stuck on a weekend and feel pain. 

    We will get through this. So many have before us and we can lean on them for encouragement when we feel lost and scared. 


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    One Day at a Time

    I know everything hurts like hell and your stomach feels like it's been through the wringer.   Cancer, treatment, it all sucks!  But I know you can do it.  You have a support team here to lean on.  It really is all about taking it One Day at a Time and doing whatever you need to do to get through that day.  Stay strong and yes.....Onward Warrior !

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    Gypsy28 and Rottiesmom

    I was at the same place same time last year. I'm just starting to feel somewhat whole again.  When I look at my kids I know the suffering was worth it.  This is a tough treatment regimend, but absolutely worth it. This will be in hindsight soon.

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    Gypsy & Joanne

    You are both at a tough part now...at a point when the summit you are striving for seems far away. But you can do it! Push on because the rewards are there. Your families and loved ones and even the strangers here on this board are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers - hoping to give you the encouragement you need. Focus on just the next step in front of you and you'll complete the journey.


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    You will make it!!!

    I had given up with one week to go.  I was too tired, too sick and just mentally DONE.  The wonderful people on here gave me a good kick in the butt to get it done and I did.  You WILL get there.  Rads WILL end soon.  Hang in there...you have a lot of support here!!! Keep swimming :)

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    Thank you

    Thank you all again and always. Much appreciated. What a wonderful bunch of people to have on your side.

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    You are getting there!

    You are getting there! Remember that there are other meds than zofran for nausea. Ask your doc if you need to. And try to stay hydrated. Every day is a day closer to being done. I will keep you in my thoughts!

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    About nausea

    Yes Gypsy there are other meds for nausea.  I have Phenergan.  I was at Chemo yesterday and told the nurses I was counting down to my next Phenergan last time.  They told me not even to do that.  If Phenergan isn't working there are other meds to help.  Since I had chemo and radiation yesterday and just got back a little while ago from radiaton today not feeling so good.  I hope  you are feeling a little better today.  I am grateful for this group.


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    Just popped by to let you all

    Just popped by to let you all know I'm thinking of you and hoping your symptoms won't worsen.  The fatigue is really hitting me hard.  I felt like a fish out of water today because no rads!  I got used to the 1:20 appts. So bizarre. Not that I miss it, but there was a routine for the 6 1/2 weeks of treatment.

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    It does get better

    I am on week six post radiation and it does get better. Each time I read your posts it reminds me of all my tears and fears. I think I mentioned early how things change but thought I would add a few comments. Week six is even better. I know our recovery isn't always the same but I think you will be pleasantly surprised with recovery once you pass five weeks plus. I can whistle, ice cream tastes totally normal, fried foods are delicious. Whether it is five weeks or longer you will get back on track. 


    Cry when you need to but know this feeling is just temporary. I wish you a quick recovery.