Good news!

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im in the clear! No oncologist appointment until October with observation and maybe scan in 6 months. I asked him about Metformen an he said it's not standard yet but there is a study I could go to Chicago if I want. Of course no guarantee that I would get it. What does everyone think about this? Anyone know what kind of side effects? Also, I know I really need a knee replacement and it would be great to get it before the end of the year since I've met my out of pocket. Anyone have an opinion about this. Of course I would need to talk to the oncologist about it too.


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    Great News!!

    Wonderful news, Soup!!!

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    WONDERFUL NEWS *~8~* <---- </b>
    WONDERFUL NEWS *~8~* <----  That's me sucking in my stomach and cheering for you.... *~O~* <--- (I can only hold it in for so long.)
    I've been reading everything I can find on Metformin.  I take 1000 mg every morning because I have T2 diabetes even though I have a normal A1c.  I'm hoping it's killing two birds (bad analogy) with one stone.  I really don't know what it does to people who don't have diabetes - our son is prescribed it for his T1 diabetes too.  It causes blood glucose levels to drop and that wouldn't be a good thing for people without diabetes.  
    I'm thinking the same thing about some "work" I need done expecially since I've hit my out-of-pocket expenses for this year too.  I just worry about infection.  I haven't had a cold, sore throat, etc. in years but after the infection in my port site that took forever to heal, I'm a little hesitant for more surgery.  
    Let me know what your oncologists thinks about the surgery.
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    GREAT NEWS Soup!

    So happy for you. Now, enjoy the next 3 months with no worries.

    Love and Hugs,


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    If the doctor's say you are

    If the doctor's say you are good for the surgery I think along the same lines as you - I've met my deductible!  Yippee!!  No doubt going through another recovery process would probably make me hesitate, but I would think of all the LIVIN' I wanted to do! 

    Great news on the scan!

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    There you go again!

    You made me smile today! Never saw a symbol for sucking in your stomach! I gotta find someplace to use that one!  

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    Hi Soup, congrats on the clear scan! Hope you get to celebrate before your knee surgery! Kim

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    Great news, Soup!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer and fall!  Yahoo!

    I also asked my medical oncologist about Metformin.  She said that they have a trial going on right now with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, 1/2 getting metformin, 1/2 getting a placebo.  But, they (Kaiser) do not prescribe metformin for cancer outside of a clinical trial.

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    news so happy for you.