Congratulations to Vasco (OT)

Old Salt
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Against all predictions, and Ronaldo getting injured early on, Portugal won the Eurocup SOCCER today.

There's hope for all of us as well!


  • bob33462
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    VASCO -


  • VascodaGama
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    Yes, we are the Champions


    Against the odds we won this tournament. Many did not like the sluggish very tactical style used by the Portuguese manager to lead the team, but now everybody respects his decision. At the beginning he said that players were abble of doing "beautiful" football, full of tricks, but he preferred a sort of "robotic" style (called lines in football) that would not allow an easy lost. Well his tactics worked and now we are Champions.

    We here will win too our battle against PCa and against the odds.

    Thanks you

  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    I also offer congratulations to your nation.

    In the US we have what is called stock car racing, or NASCAR, an oval track race.  Often, races are won not with brute power, but finesse, or even by properly calculating remaining fuel, and not running out of gas.  Brains are as useful a sports tool as power very often.

    There is a clear parallel with metastatic PCa here.  Knowing how to most evectively employ the HT and other tools leaves some guys winners who otherwise would be losers.

    May you still be a winner in ten years !