70 is good

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When we learned my dad had lung cancer back in the 80's, the first question I asked his dr was what is the 5 year survival rate.  What that really meant was can you cure him.  He just shook his head. I guess that's why when I was diagnosed in March of 2012 at the age of 65, the first thing that popped into my head was I wonder if I'll see 70.  Although it'll be another 8 or 13 months, depending on how you count it, before I reach the 5 year mark, today I turned 70.  I've done a lot of living in the last 4+ years and hope there's lots more left but I take nothing for granted.  Tomorrow my husband, dtr, SIL  and grands are catching the ferry out to spend our annual week on Monhegan.  I'm happy.

Back in a week.  Take care everyone.  I shall miss you.


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    Go for 80.. 90++++

    So pleased and think 70 is just a kid so keep pushing for more and more and more. God bless and have an aweome celebration.  

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNIE!!! I'm so glad you have lived so well after you got cancer.  I hope to beable to do the same.  I have alot i want to still do.

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    Happy 70th birthday, Connie!!

    Happy 70th birthday, Connie!!!  I agree, why not go for 100??  I hope you have a wonderful vacation and we'll see you back soon.



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    A very Happy Birthday...70 is the new 60!  My mother got stage 2 agressive breast cancer back in 1985...she is still here, living very well with me and she is 90(oh, she said "90 1/2"!) Never had a recurrance. Surgery, no chemo or radiation, just the Tamoxifan for five years!  We all still have a little living to do!  Best, Debra

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    Connie, have a great

    Connie, have a great celebration with your family!  You have always been so supportive over the years to the women on this board and you are such a GIFT to us.  Happy birthday!

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    Happy Birthday Connie! Have a

    Happy Birthday Connie! Have a blast on your vacation.

    Agree with everyone else - life is short so keep going for 80, 90, 100!

    Thanks for all of the support and wisdom you provide to all of us.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Happy Birthday !!!

    Connie, hope you have a great time and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come !!!

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    Happy Birthday! I hope to

    Happy Birthday! I hope to reach 70 like you! Enjoy every moment!

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    Happy birthday and wishing you many, many more!

    Connie, happy birthday! May you enjoy many, many more happy annual weeks on Monhegan!

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    Happy 70th!

    That is so good.  That 5 year mark is just around the corner.  And remember, with each passing year your odds for success improve.  Hooray for you!


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    Great News

    keep on truckin. I can vouch that the 70's is a very good decade. You will enjoy your good fortune. Go ahead and be the center of attention. Your family wants you to be!

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    Yea! for 70

    A belated happy birthday!  And here's to many more to come!


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    Happy Birthday

    dear lady, I too hope to make it to 70. Have a wonderful time with family, that is what life is all about.