4 Years!


Today marks my 4th anniversary of ringing the bell after the end of rads.  Time has passed quickly but I do recall how those first few weeks seemed to pass so slowly that I thought the earth had stopped turning.  The side effects were hell and healing happened so slowly as to be unrecognizable unless you compared it in almost a month-to-month rather than a day-to-day format.

I have largely recovered from it all.  No sign of any recurrence, I still visit my ENT every 6 months and get scoped (what a lovely day those are) and continue to get an 'all clear' evaluation.

I am able to do just about anything and everything from my previous 'life' save eat my favorite candy, a sour item called "Lemon Heads".  Cake has its challenges too but for the most part I've learned how and what to eat, I have some aches and pains from time to time but for the most part, life is as normal as it can be.

I read with interest the issues confronting so many of our members and all I could think of was "that was me 4 years ago".  Take heart, the battle is long and hard, but it is doable.

What great thing in life is not achieved without great struggle?


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    Congratulation and thanks for

    Congratulation and thanks for reminding us that there is a light at the end. bill

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    4 years


    Congratulations on passing the 4 year mark,  your description of recovery is spot on.

    I also just passed the  4 year mark and find the “new”  normal very enjoyable.

    Thanks for the valuable update.


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    Wonderful news...that's great to hear!

    I wish all the members crossing milestones would post...it offers tremendous encouragement to those in early recovery stages and those currently in treatment.  Congrats!

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    Thanks for the update!


    Nice to hear good news - cheery thoughts for those of us currently undergoing treatments! Wish you well and many years of a long and healthy life! 

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    Great news!

    It is really encouraging to hear!  I'm just a week into treatment!  Congratulations and prayers for continued good news!!

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    4 Years


    Time can fly when we are  not looking, glad to hear everything is still going well, as they say keep doing what you are doing.




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    This came at the right time.

    This came at the right time.  I'm so happy for you.  We appreciate your news, and this will help those of us who are walking into hell, to know that there is wonderful life awaiting us. All the best. 

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    Whoo Hoo!!

    You're almost to "cured"!!!  It is amazing how we do heal, and get on with things.  I'm delighted you're celebrated 4 years.


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    Thanks for the update

    Always great to hear from those on past bus trips and encouraging to those wondering how they will get through the ordeal of treatment. Thanks again

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    Thank you

    This definitely helps me.

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    Four Years

    Congratulations on hitting the 4 year mark! I love hearing the years rack up. It gives hope to all of us who've followed in your path. 

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! As a caregiver, I can relate to much of what you wrote. The treatment and its side effects are truly horrible and at the time seem all-consuming. But then one day you realize that suddenly it's all just background noise - still there, but it becomes more and more faint over time. 

    Life. What a wonderful gift. Enjoy!!!

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    Wow how time flies..............

    Once the treatment is done. Congratulations on the four years.


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    Thank you

    Thank you for posting this. Congrats to you on your 4 years. It has brought me much comfort. Prayers to you for continued good health and longevity.

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    So good to hear

    Thank you for posting an update on your recovery. It's hard to be in the midst of treatment and remember that there are better days ahead. Every day seems like an eternity, but reading of your success reminds me that this will all be a memory soon.