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I have been hearing so many good things





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    What state are you in?  I

    What state are you in?  I would highly recommend you go to a medical marijuana state so you dont get into trouble.  I am a criminal defense attorney and live in California where medical marijuana (including  oil) is every where and legal if you have a recommendation from a doctor.  I personally have not used it because I am doing well and don't want to smoke/or even vaporize anything with our cancer, but I have many friends who use medical cannabis oil and a father who suffers from parkinsons who it greatly benefits.  In a medical marijuana state or a state that is legal like Colorado you should be able to find it and make sure you are doing so legally if you really want to try that method of treatment.

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    California is light years ahead of everyone else

    California is light years ahead of everyone else when it comes to the ease of getting medical marijuana and the variety of ways in which it is sold. I live in New York and combined my pot run with a very nice Southern California vacation. I went to Venice beach and right on the promenade, there were a number of medical marijuana doctor offices (yes, they are real licensed doctors). If I recall correctly, it was about $80 for a walk-in office visit. Within a few minutes I had a prescription in hand and was off to the dispensary a few blocks away.

    The person I met with at the dispensary was very knowledgeable and took the time to fully understand my situation and objectives, and fully answered all my questions. There are a variety of properties different strains of pot have, and some are more suited for cancer patients than others. I chose a variety that had strong pain killing benefits but went easy on producing that “stoned” feeling. Since I couldn’t smoke it, they sold it to me in oil, honey sticks, lollypops, tea and chocolate. In fact, just as my “pharmacist” suggested, the honey sticks not only delivered the dosage, but they were very soothing going down. 

    Frankly it didn’t work too well for me, but everyone is different, and it’s worth a try. For a lot of people it’s far more effective than anything their traditional doctors prescribe.  It’s a tool that should be in every cancer doctor and patient’s tool belt.

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    Awesome.  And indeed Cali is

    Awesome.  And indeed Cali is way ahead of the game. Most prescription paid Meds have caused me serious side effects. Yet when I memotioned medical marijuana to my doc, he looked at me as if I were some kind of delinquent.  Idiot.