History of rectal cancer and no BM for 5 days

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I was diagnosed 9 years ago with rectal cancer had chemo/radiation and a resection. My bowels have been a mess since then going to the bathroom many times a day. However recently things seem to have changed and now have not had a BM for 5 days which is crazy. Has anybody else ever had this happen? Trying not to freak but of course I'm getting nervous.


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    Nothing wrong with nerves

    They keep us on the ball.  

    5 days without a BM is a long time; especially when you are most regular.

    I would not hesitate to go down to the Doctor's and get myself checked out. 

    Hopefully it is only a problem with constipation. Good luck! 


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    I have

    To agree with Sue.  My wife's BM's are well less than predictable most of the time.  But, five days is a awlful long time.  I would stop in and see the doc.