Sore throat !!!

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hey everyone, 

hope you guys are doing well and fighting well. 

I am having a horrible sore throat every signle morning though on september ill be 2 years post radio treatment!!

any advice??? 


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    sore throat


    I had a terrible sore throat at year 3.   Luckily, I had one unopened bottle of magic mouth wash.  It made the episode bearable.

    Sorry, no magic solutions, just the standard over-the-counter products.


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    Sore throat


    It could be due to dry mouth at night; that had happen to me a few times. I started using a dry mouth spray at night and also running a diffuser with water and oils, it might help.




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    Only in the morning?

    Sounds like you are sleeping with your mouth open and that might be causing it. Do you have any trouble breathing through your nose? Many things can be the cause, sinus problems, sleep apnea, or even radiation damage. You might try the breathe strips. I hated them as they felt like they pulled the skin when I removed them.


    Now on the lighter side, I had a laryngectomy so I can't snore or wake up with a sore throat. Now I don't recommend that.