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My dear friends,

I haven't been on in several months.  Around the first of April my oncologist decided I needed a chemo break, not only because I had already reached chemo #50, but I think he felt he was running out of options.  After a little thought, I decided I was long over-due for a second opinion and made an appointment with Fox Chase, a cancer center affiliated with Temple University Hospitals in Philly.  From mid-April my CA 125 went from 120 [good], to 822 [a little scary] to 1510 [a lot scary].  My new oncologist has her medical specialty in GYN oncology. 

At Fox Chase they decided they want to do more testing on my surgical slides.  There is a new drug out for ovarian cancer, but based on its expense and it is only indicated for serous ovarian cancer, they want to do the testing to see if they can identify ovarian cancer as the primary source.  It is my understanding that both ovarian and uterine serous cancers look a lot alike, and my diagnosis, based on an in-office biopsy, said uterine cancer.  If it is just as likely to be ovarian cancer, I'm more likely to get approval for the drug.  Tuesday I go for my third Taxol infusion.  I've had it before but not as a straight shot.

With all of this, I've developed some gallbladder issues.  It seems my liver and gallbladder are no longer on speaking terms.  No stones, but the cancer in my liver has blocked the bile duct to my gallbladder with sludge, and that is really painful.

On a lighter note, my youngest grandson turned one in June and his big brother is now 20 months...What a Joy!!.  When I was first diagnosed, their parents hadn't yet married, and now they are coming up to their 4th anniversary. These grandbabies are the loves of my life.  I never expected to know them.

I'm just about 3 months short of 5 years since diagnosis, so I know I've already beaten the odds.  We all know the frustration, pain, and fatigue, and I pray for you all.  I'll let you know about this new drug as soon, as I get some more information.

XOXOX, MaggieMac





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    God Bless

    Fingers are crossed that you get the new drug and it is the perfect fit.  Prayers are with you.  And, don't you dare settle for 5 years, demand another 20!

    And, i am so JEALOUS...   No grandkids here, neither child married (27 and 29) nor do they seem interested in marrying anytime soon.  Cupid, where are you?

    Love, Patty

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    Maggie mac, I believe there

    Maggie mac, I believe there has been a few other women here who have gone to Fox Chase. I am glad to hear you have a gyn oncologist working with you and you are correct, serous ovarian and uterine are considered in the same family.  Hope they can get you on the drug.  Come on docs! 

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    Maggie mac, thanks for

    Maggie mac, thanks for sharing your information. I also hope they can get you the drugs! It is time for them to get off the dime and help us Uterine cancer ladies. So happy you are able to enjoy your grandbabies. And, I agree with Patty... let's go for another 20 years!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. And, sending positive vibes for approval and an effective outcome!

    Love and Hugs,


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    I'm being treated at Fox Chase

    im getting my treatment at Fox Chase and am very pleased with my care. My oncologist is Dr. Martin.