One and done.

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Yesterday I finished up five rads and had my first cisplatin infusion on Tuesday. Those first few days were rough. Manager to hold off the nausea, but all I wanted to do was sleep. Today is my first day without having to take anti-nausea meds, and while i still seem to be in chemo brain fog, my energy is getting incrementally better. Just trying to get enough calories until my tube feeds get all set up. Appetite waxes and wanes. 

Six more weeks!! 


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    That is a good week 1.  Stay focused on getting through.  One day, one side effect at a time.

    Keep your team in the loop and keep drinking water.

    Do you have your salt & soda mixture at the ready?  Use it all the time.

    Continued luck,


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    Good luck. What Matt said.

    Good luck. What Matt said. Not sure if you can do the Glutamine rinses.