Yervoy as a preventative? Killing her instead.

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My sister was diagnosed for the second time in a few years with Melanoma.  They again removed the melanoma from her leg, but her Oncologist suggested she complete 4 treatements  every three weeks of Yervoy as a prevantitive.  She completed two treatments and has been hospitalized every since.  She has had 5 surgeries in 9 days.  Yervoy is disenigrating her insides.  First it ate holes in her colon and that had to be removed, then stomach, that they have tried to repair and can't because the tissue is mush.  She has been bleeding internally for 2 weeks. Each time they go in to find where the bleeding is coming from it is a new place.  One time the Dr. wrapped blood clotting mesh around her organs. he said her insides are raw.  Last night her heart rate went sky high and her blood pressure dropped again, they did surgery again.  Now the artery to her spleen has ruptured.  They say this Yervoy can continue to do damage for 6 more weeks.  I'm so angry!!!  I want to yell and scream at some one.  Preferrably her Oncologist who has not shown her face in the hospital, but has left this mess up to other doctors to try to stop or repair the damage. 


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    Im So sooty you hear this - my husband also got treated with this drug as well and it was so hard on his body- He fainted twice