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I just started my magnesium citrate for my surgery tomorrow.  This stuff taste terrible.  Does everyone have to drink this and why?


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    It's all for bowel prep.

    It's all for bowel prep.  Some hospitals insist on an empty bowel for any surgery.  Stanford, where I had mine done, said no food after midnight the night before and nothing by mouth within five hours of the surgety.  I was fortunate enough to get to eat a light dinner before my surgery last week.

    Best wishes for a rearly boring, uneventful surgery tomorrow and a swift recovery.  

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    It has another name.

    Liquid Plummer. Yes we all enjoyed it too.



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    Yucky stuff

    Good luck tomorow :) 

    It will be over before you know  it  



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    Yours sound similar to mine

    My mass was 2.5 had partial done this past February. 

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    Yes, two bottles.  I think it helps cut down on the risk of a bowel perforation during surgery and or bowel obstruction after surgery.  Not 100% sure, just a guess.  It sucked too Surprised  


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    Install the seatbelt, get ready for liftoff!!

    Haha.  Luckily, I didn't have to partake in that adventure, like Bay Area Guy I just had to abstain for several hours prior to the procedure.

    Happy trails,

    Donna~Tongue Out

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    Yes so pleasant, but better

    Yes so pleasant, but better than a Colonoscopy prep. I know a person who "forgot" to pick this up and his surgery was cancelled. You do NOT want ANY source of infection present. So yes, it is necessary.

    Good luck! We all will be thinking of you!


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    Yecch or Yum?

    When I had to drink prep for a colonoscopy, I was given the following suggestions by a gastro physician friend:  Drink the stuff mixed with (strained) apple juice and seltzer (club soda), on ice, in a really fancy glass, through a straw.  Wasn't nearly so "yecch" that way.  I was able to use a lemon-ginger flavored prep that didn't require the gallon or so of liquid that some preps do.  Made it (almost)"yummy."

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    I just throw away the straw

    And chug the lot in one go. I dont think it tastes that bad.

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    Mag Cit

    that's not too bad, luckily you don't have to use GoLytely.....(which by the way, will make you do anything but go lightly).  That stuff is just a gallon of cruelty.  They said, oh just mix Crystal Lite in with it and serve on ice, voila.  I'll NEVER drink Crystal Lite again!!  Yell


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    The lovely "juice"

    They want a clean house before surgery.  Cran-raspberry juice also covers the flavor.  If you have anything in the small or large intestines, it makes it more croweded in the pelvis when they are trying to work

    And under an extremely remote chance that there is an errant penetration of the bowel, they don't want a leak into the cavity.

    So put on your big girl panties and do as told.  It's all for the best.  And much good luck.


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    Good luck

    Good luck with the surgery as for the drink I never had it so I can't help you there.



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    I'm odd...

    I found it oddly liberating... It's nice to get cleaned out every once in a while...


    - Jay