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My mom who is in stage 4 with mets to liver and lung, is continuing her chemo treatments. She's had 7 out of the 12 done so far. My question is about radiation. Is radiation not suggested or needed if the cancer has spread? That's what I've been told and wanted any input on your experiences. She is  to take maintenance pills after treatment is done either Xeloda or Avastin (or combo of both). Any response will be appreciated. Thank you. 


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    Radiation and surgery is the

    Radiation and surgery is the only thing that worked for my dad... Radiation was 100% effective on a rectal, colon, thyroid, and brain mets. This is not the norm (especially on brain mets). the side effects can be brutal depending on where the radiation is being done (my dad said his thyroid was the worst). However, the chemo knocked his whole body out when he was on it. Chemo did help in the beginning, but only for a short time. He has some lung and liver involvement at this point, but nothing else. He wants to take a break for now and ask about a few things on his lungs when he's ready. Liver isn't horrible right now. 

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    It depends

    Radiation is not always recommended.   It depends on the location, size and other things.

    Radiation is not necessarily a cure.  It is most often used to shrink the tumor.  Sometimes, it can be the only option...as with brain mets which are inoperable.

    There are other radioative procedures which are sometimes used.

    If you are still questioning the plan, perhaps a second opinion would help you to determine appropriate path.

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    I think it all depends on an

    I think it all depends on an individual's situation. When mine spread to my lung radiation was the treatment of choice and it worked with minimal side effects. But if I hadn't been on blood thinners and am a risk for blood clots they'd have done surgery.