Cheapest places to buy ScandiShakes

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I know several members going into recovery...and actively in recovery...are maintaing weight with Scandi.  An excellent product to be sure, but it is spendy.  A case of 24 would last me about a week (three per day) and I used it for many months, so it really is $$$. I found Amazon to be expensive.  Family OTC has a better deal and you get free shipping if you order two cases:

Ebay has some good deals, too.  Free shipping is a plus.

Do some net sleuthing...I found Scandi to be invaluable but it also hit me hard in the pocket...good luck!



  • MrsBD
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    Shakes and Taxes

    Just an FYI- We had our taxes professionally done the year I had cancer. They told us the cost of nutrition shakes is a deductible medical expense for cancer patients. Every penny helps!

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    Wow, did not know that!

    Thanks, MrsBD...even with Oxford coverage, I still was 10K out of pocket for MSK treatment.  People think your insurance covers all costs after deductible is met. NOT!  You are right, all pennies help.