Ride for Roswell

What a difference a year makes! Last year I had to ride alone because my husband was in treatment for Stage 4 Nasopharyngeal cancer. This year we did 20 miles and crossed the finish together. The whole event consisted of over 7200 riders and volunteers and raised 4.5 million for Roswell Park Cancer Institute - a Comprehensive Cancer Center here in Buffalo, NY.

Ride for Roswell


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    ride on


    Nice knees.


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    Wow, Great news.

    Glad you two could do that. I can see the joy in you're faces..........Well Done.

    By riding my bicycle daily it has improved my balance, but mostly improved my breathing and my doctor no longer wants to remove 30% from each one. Last year I did 3100 miles and m best was 25 miles non-stop. Most are 10 ~15 miles. Won't get that much this year as I started off slow and now the summer heat is 100+

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    What a GREAT pic!!!

    This warms my heart...great news, great ride, and you are a beautiful couple to boot.  Thanks for posting...gives everyone here a major upper!!

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    Love it

    You both look great! 

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    What a difference indeed! It

    What a difference indeed! It's nice to see the hospital ID band exchanged for a ride one. Thank you for riding to support the cause.

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    Barbara, I am from Buffalo,NY also.  I have just been diagnosed with olfactory neuroblastoma and had my MRI's yesterday.  A friend of mine dropped by the other day and said that she had an article for me to read.  It was your husband's story as told to the Buffalo News.  Please thank your husband for me, as it was very informative and gave me hope.  So glad you could both ride this year.  Perhaps my husband and I will be there next year.

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    Wonderful!  I'm doing Liverpool to Chester in UK Sunday.  What an achievement for you both. Well done. 

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    Congratulations you two!

    Congratulations you two! It was a long hard ride, but you made it and you both are an inspiration in so many ways for the rest of us. And nice job on the bike ride, too! What a happy occasion and impressive accomplishment!

    Happy trails to you! :))

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    Such an inspiration, and give

    Such an inspiration, and give those of us who are still undergoing treatment, so much hope. I'll remember this photo when I go in for my double zaps tomorrow.  Well done!!  Love the smiles.