Super quick and soothing watermelon salad

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I've been eating this lately and thought I would pass it along.  And don't like to cook, so If I tell you it's done in under five minutes, you gotta believe it.  Very cooling and soothing for your throat and it's goes down well since it's mostly liquid.

Buy some watermelon (spears or cubed or even a half melon, if you like hacking it up); place some in a bowl

Add a little bit of crumbled feta cheese (you can also add tiny bits of chopped or shredded mint, if your mouth/throat can handle it)

Drizzle with some virgin olive oil (or non-virgin, who cares) and mix

Eat!  Super yummy and very soothing.  I've left out the lime juice, salt and pepper, no need to irritate your throat and mouth...can add those when you're up to it.

Hope this gives some of you a food option for the hot months ahead.


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    Sounds lovely. Thanks. I've

    Sounds lovely. Thanks. I've been eating cucumbers. Bit hard to chew but suddenly, my throat has eased up a lot so I'm eating whatever I can!

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    Thank you!

    Thank you!!  I've been eating watermelon and thinking this will he perfect later on!!

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    Love watermelon

    I have made a version of this. Great summer treat!


  • SusanUES
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    And great health properties, too

    Cancer fighting, hydration, digestion...all the things we need: