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i had surgery 5 weeks ago.  when i got my pathology it had questionabl margins. it showed ink at margin, bu  My doc said that when he took it out it fragmented a little which caused it to look positive to the pathologist, but it was from ink seepage??  he said he then burned the margin more to give him more of a margin and that he was sure my margin was negative after burning it.  the report state this about the questionabl margin explains what doc said and then says grossly negative margin.  im confused??Should i worry about this?  the doc said he is sure he got it all and that it was not positive to begin with and he did the burning to make sure of this.  the tumor was 1.5 cm stage one grade one.






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    My 2 cents worth


    You will have follow-up scans, etc, correct?  Normally, since your growth was so small, surgery should have taken care of it all.  The good news is that since you will be followed (I'm assuming), if anything were recur it would be caught early.  But truly it does sound like your doctor did everything he could to ensure everything was removed & took extra interest in prevention for your future.  Even the pathologist report seems to confirm "grossly negative margins". 

    I know easier said than done, try not to worry.

    Prayers to you,


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    thanks for your reply. He said pathology is going by what he took off which may have shown the tiny area of ink, but pathology did not know about him burning the edge after he took it out which further assured a negative margin. Guess I need to trust in my doc and my prognosis.  And yes I will have follow ups every 6 months.




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    In this case...

    gross doesn't mean stepping in dog poo.  It deals with what is visible to the naked eye and upon microscopic examination.  The Dr. removed a large enough margin that there was no evidence of the cancerous cells within the margin.  Hooray for your side.

    Just keep on returning for your regular check-ups.  And Good luck.