Back home on the Bay Island

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Sorry but it will not let me post


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    Hi everyone, I made a trip back home again to visit my brother and family down here but also to do some cannabis oil treatment. It seems like in this last year the side effects of all the radiation treatments I did is really taking a number on me and started eating away again on the tissue of the soft palate and the nasopharynx (pharynx). My ENT and I have tried everything to control it but nothing is helping. She is OK with trying cannabis oil treatment but can’t write the prescription for it with all the red tape with Louisiana politics. So being I am down here might just as well give it a try, the only problem she is not able to monitor the progress if any.

    So just keep me in prayer at night, God bless you all



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    cannabis oil, Hmmm


    Welcome back!

    I am right in cannabis central (Oregon) but I haven’t indulged. When I was in treatment I asked about it and my doctor said yes but my wife said no.  I did not want or need any I just wanted to see if my wife was listening.  Of course she was.

    I hope, any treatments help you and remember you have a friend in Oregon (lol).


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    Wives are always listening Matt!

    unlike some husbands I name - starting with mine ;)

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    Who’s right


    No different here, I hate when my wife is right all the time and I am almost always wrong, but I have a good excuse I tell her the batteries in my hearing aids were dead sorry I did not hear what you were saying. But I guess that is what makes us a perfect team for the last 41 years.


    I am blessed having someone like her in my life




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    On the island

    In the past, you have said you always feel better when you go back home due to all the fresh food. We have an awesome God who created such a variety of wonderful food to sustain good health. I hope you will begin to heal soon. You will be in my prayers.

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    Hello TiM,

    I hope your return will bring you so many, many benefits towards becoming healthier, happier, and more relaxed so your body may heal faster.  I will remember what you told me in one of my post and the motto you try and live your life by.......Live, Love, Laugh, and Embrace Life, One Day at a Time.   Enjoy, your in my prayers. 


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    Hi tim,

    It sure can't hurt to give it a try. You will want the versions concentrated with CBD, the ingredient with the most medicinal effect. PM if you have any questions. Don

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    Tim enjoy your visit, and family.....

    Enjoy your family and I hope that oil can help. I have read many good things about the oil. 

    I was always told: You might be right, but I am Never wrong.  If Moma's happy, I happy.