Pregnant with thyroid cancer

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I'd love to hear any and all insight from anyone who has experienced thyroid cancer during pregnancy. 

Im currently 32 weeks pregnant and I was recently diagnosed with a follicular carcinoma. I have gotten insight from a friend who also had a FC, but she wasn't pregnant so I'm sure our experiences will differ. 


Thank you in advance! 


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    Hi, I had that type only I

    Hi, I had that type only I was not pregnant. Now, after my thyroid was removed they waited a few months and then had me take a doze of 131 and with that you have to be 10 feet away from everyone for several weeks, use different dishes, use different towels. So, maybe since you are pregnant, they will do the 131 after your child is born. And you would just be having help.


    I hope it all goes well, I hope you write again.