Update from Laz

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Got my test results back and it's all good. My CEA is 2, but it's been always fluctuating around here and the oncologist says it's cool. Well what's is he gonna say? So I'm ok with it too. Worry never ends though. Will be 3 year NED in October. 

I come here every day to check on you and trying to support those who need it. All the best.



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    Hooray!! Oh, how I love

    Hooray!! Oh, how I love seeing posts like this! It breaks my heart a little bit every time I see a new member or hear of someone having to try some new treatment. But posts like yours make my heart sweel with happiness. Congratulations!!!!


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    I'm so glad to see some goo d news! I hope you'll always be NED!


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    Happy Day!

    So happy to hear you have passed yet another test.  Enjoy the months between tests and scans. 

    Have tried to post the picture of the three of us, but cannot make it work and CSN haven't helped.


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    May the good news continue!  My CEA has been around 2 for 2 years now.  I think I'm finally getting used to that.  Traci

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    Another Great Milestone

    Just great!!!! 

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    Great News!

    Hoping you  continue to  have good news to share.

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    Great to hear Laz, my last

    Great to hear Laz, my last CEA bumped from 2 to 2.3 but heck, the onc said it stayed the same before he said 2.3, so if he doesn't think it consequential, who am I to argue? Keep on truckin' with NED.....................................Dave

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    Congratulations Laz!   I, too

    Congratulations Laz!   I, too, am going on 3 years NED.    I haven't logged in for some time and am so glad to see familiar faces conquering the beast.  

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    How wonderful!  What great

    How wonderful!  What great news, do some celebrating!

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    Somehow I missed this post



    But now taken care of :)

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    Getting to be an old timer

    Always a relief.  Congrats Laz.  How time flies.