Inner and outer lip sores

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For those who might have had these from radiation during treatment, what did you use?  I tried Aquaphor but it does not help.  Is there something medicated to use for the lips?  The side of my lip is cracking also and painful. I'm using my soda rinse religiously, and also the glutamine.

Cancer sucks and so does the treatment!


  • phrannie51
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    I used the aquafor for my lips....that's the only place I could stand the stuff.  I'd put the Aquafor on plastic wrap in order to apply it (my fingertips were way too rough....I needed something smooth!!)  Keeping them moist helps.  If you're having trouble sipping water from a glass or bottle....I ended up using styrofoam cups....they don't hurt.  I feel for ya!!  I couldn't even talk without bleeding.  For the cracks at the sides of your mouth....ask one of your Drs. for Nystatin ointment....those are probably caused by yeast....thrush....and they really DO HURT.  I still get those sometimes now....a small reminder of what was always during treatment.  Nystatin will heal them in two days.


    If you can stand something medicated on those sores, Bag Balm (found in any grocery store) is a definate healer of many things.