Radiation III

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So the doctors are postponing IL2 for a week because they feel that the radiation left me a little to week.  The doctors feel one more week of rest might be beneficial since IL2 can be so harsh on the body. I think that it is a good idea but I was finally ready mentally for the IL2 on Monday but I can wait I guess.




  • hardo718
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    Enjoy the break in the action Mark

    If they feel you're too weak, get some extra rest this next week, so your body can take on the next challenge.

    God bless you, I'll keep you in my prayers,



  • Footstomper
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    Its tough

    When you get yourself psyched up for something and then its pulled away from you, its a really tough feeling. If the Docs want you to rest, rest. They wil be monitoring you closely and wont take and risks with IL2. Have a cup of tea and be ready to go next week. You will never be better looked after.