New Treatment for head and neck cancer


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    Great news for those with with esophageal cancer...

    Thanks for posting the link!

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    Very good news, but also..........

    First it is very good news anytime the have a breakthrough in any cancer. It started off as throat cancer and then started they were talking about esophageal cancer. I guess this just shows how little the news media really knows about some cancers. Head & Neck cancer is between the Brain to the esophagus, but not including. When I first saw my tumor photos it looked like it just might be lower than I thought and be esophagus cancer, which unfortunately has lower survivor rate. Not the same as throat, but very good news and it might even help us too.


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    esophageal cancer

    If you have read older threads (much older) from this forum you would see there was a big portion devoted to esophageag cancer in the past, but they now have their own forum.   It doesn't get much print here anymore.  The site had a very differennt tone back then.