6 months post chemo today


I can't believe it has been 6 months since my last treatment. I saw my oncologist today. My white blood count took a bit of a dive and is now slightly under the low normal range.  I asked him if there was anything I could do to help build it up and he said no. He also said it will just take time to get higher. Seems like 6 months would be long enough. hmmm... OK, so maybe my expectations are too high. But, I am feeling a lot stronger these days. I have found that if I push extra hard for several days in a row I will hit a wall and need to lay around for a day.  Then, I'm ready to push again.  Do we ever really get back to where we were before cancer? I'm starting to believe that is not possible. As the ladies before me have said.... there is a new normal. So, I will continue to work towards getting as close to the old me as is physically possible and be grateful for every wonderful day that I am allowed to wake up to enjoy the new normal me.

My neuropathy is getting better in my feet. I am finally able to use the eliptical without having them ache for days afterwards. Very happy about that. I have also started incorporating some strength building exercises into my routine. It really is a slow go but we have to start somewhere, right?!  Some of you may remember that my sister got me a Fit Bit for my birthday. It is amazing how much this little tool helps to push a person to get up off the couch! It has made such a difference to keep me active. One night I was 500 steps away from that 10,000 daily goal so at 11:15 PM I'm walking around the pool to reach that milestone... geesh!

My next CT scan will be scheduled within the next week. I should receive the results at my next appointment on July 5th. My oncologist prefers to have scans every 3 months for the first 2 years. I think that is too much. It has now been 6 months since my last one and I think that is soon enough. While I believe everything will be fine, I still have that little bit of doubt that creeps in every now and then... So, I'm actually looking forward to having this one done. I'm hoping it will confirm all is still well and NED continues to be with me! Then, maybe those doubts will go away forever!

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    I hope your CT scan also

    I hope your CT scan also confirms you're NED!!!  I go next week for my six months' checkup and hopeful I can join you in NED for another three months.  My doctor has not said a things about a CT scan but I will ask next week.  They also did not say they are doing a blood test but I, like you, feel tired a lot.  If they won't do it, I will ask my GP who I see in July.  I also have good, energetic days and then bam, I hit the wall.  The neuropathy is also still there too - just like you - but it does seem to SLOWLY getting better.  Maybe we are just expecting too much but I thought after six months I would be back to my old stay-up-half-the-night-reading self and be fine the next morning.....I sure had that balloon burst - LOL.

    Anyway, I am sending you all my good vibrations and positive thoughts that you will continue with that wonder "No Evidence of Disease!"


    Eldri *~8~* <---that's me doing my happy dance for you!!

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    Blood Counts

    Cindi, I know what you mean about the blood counts.  When I had my first post-chemo blood tests, my WBC had actually declined since my last chemo, though it was right at the low normal range.  Other counts were pretty much stable.  My oncologist was not that concerned, also saying that it takes a while for the body to recover from the chemo.  I was also recovering from a nasty kidney infection.  Right now, I am not scheduled for any more blood tests, just an exam with my ob/gyn at the end of July.

    I know what you mean about the scan.  I was experiencing some weird little pains that I was fairly sure were anxiety related in the week leading up to my post-treatment scan.  And sure enough, when everything came back NED, those little pains went away.   I'm sending positive vibes next week for your scan to show you are NED, too!!! 


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    Everything will be fine!

    Cindi, I agree with you, everything will be fine. Such a great attitude! So glad to hear that you're feeling strong even with the ups and downs of the new normal. I love to hear about the Fit Bit encouraging you to stay active. I've been considering getting one myself but just keep using the Fitness Pal app on my cell phone since it was free. It doesn't exactly encourage me to do anything but it sure makes me feel guilty if I miss a day! Wishing you continued strength and NED on next week's scan! Kim

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    Map My Walk

    Kim. You might consider MapMyWalk app, also free version. I think you can opt into motivational messages. If I'm not mistaken I think you can do that with MyFitnessPal too. I used that with all my patients and they loved it and many were quite successful. I can't believe it's free v

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    Cindi, I am sure you have the

    Cindi, I am sure you have the right to say if you don't want that many CT scans.  It is a pretty powerful dose of radiation and I have a friend who was given them for so many things (I think she has counted 17) that she has been told she is not allowed to have any more.  I have kept count of how many I have had, and last year after a cracked tooth, root canal and apicoectomy from the endodontist, when my regular dentist said "x-rays" I said, "I'll pass.  I've had enough x-rays this year!"

    On a happier note it is great to hear your are doing well.  I have been lucky enough that my energy levels have finally returned and memory as well.  I was fortunate not to have neuropathy, and I do hope you and all the ladies who suffer with that can improve - or continue to improve - in that area.  As you know, you put your body through a LOT and it needs time to heal.  

    May you have continued NED! 

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    Thanks ladies. Appreciate

    Thanks ladies. Appreciate your support.

    I think any app that tracks things for you will encourage you to move. I enjoy the emails when I hit certain levels and the badges that I accumulate from walking XX miles, climbing XX stairs, etc.

    I do plan to push back on the every 3 month scans. My compromise is 2 per year. And, I may even reduce that after I reach my 2 year anniversary from chemo.

    On another note... the ladies at the treatment center all noticed my new hair. They said it looked sassy. :-)  It was the first time I had been there since I stopped wearing a scarf. I'm actually starting to like the short curly stuff. It's about 2 or so inches long now. I'm still not sold on the color but they told me that it is the in thing these days. Regardless, I'm not ready to use chemicals on it yet.

    I hope you are all doing well!

    Love and Hugs,


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    Wow 6 months!

    Congrats, glad to hear that things are improving a little bit.  Keep up the walking when you feel able, I think it helps me just mentally feel better, and that in turn helps me actually feel better.  Hugs Nancy