DX UPSC IV, 5yrs later...SURVIVING :)


I am happy to be one of the folks that can say, as of last month, I have reached that hoped for 5 yr NED.

I can not say I was a perfect patient, I made a choice to make much better diet choices.  I do read all I can on eating better and make many better choices. I dont excercise on a consistant schedule, I'm aware when I'm not excercising, and try to have less days of lets say, too much relaxing. 

I suppose I just feel responsible to do something to help my body do what it does best, take care of itself.

Treatment options are just that, options for us to choose. I did chemo, surgery, but also opened my ears, eyes, and started looking for less invasive options.


What are we doing or not doing that gets us here.  We have to do some of our own work to help our bodies and our Drs right?I was exercising, eating good, but excercising too much, and not eating enough REAL food = stress for my body.

The best thing I learned at this point, juicing/blending for my body, sure made big changes. I make my own, no recipes, mostly what I've read that helps my body, whats fresh, what I can afford, taste isn't as important. PRODUCE is good for my healing.

I had all the same miserable symptoms you have, produce helped me, quickly. Depression was the latest symptom, I'm struggling but winning.






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    Marie - Congrats on hitting

    Marie - Congrats on hitting that 5 year mark! So happy for you. It helps all of us when we see posts from long term survivors. Thanks for taking the time to let us know.  I hope you continue to dance with Ned for many more years to come.  Continue to win the fight on keeping that darn depression locked away.

    Love and Hugs,


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    5 years - Cheers!!

    Marie, congrats on your 5 year NED!! Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful news with us. I do believe that it gives us all hope for the future to read stories like yours. You are an inspiration! Kim

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    So Glad!

    Very good to hear your news!  I passed five in Oct.  Didn't know what to do with myself after the multiple go-rounds with doctors, ect!  I changed my diet and life style also, could do so much more, but some days it's all I can do to get out of bed and on to the couch!  Like you, I am surviving and enjoying the slow down!

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    Thank you for posting!  It's

    Thank you for posting!  It's so good to hear the success stories.



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    Oh Marie it is SO good to

    Oh Marie it is SO good to hear from you!  You help all of us smile!

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    Congratulations!  That 5 year

    Congratulations!  That 5 year mark is such a benchmark.  Thank you so much for posting and letting us know.  


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    Thanx to you all, I don't get on here and talk enough, but i need this board just as much as the next one.  I remember how i felt when i found LINDA on here... you all know how that is. She helped with all the emotions, actions, u name it! I just want others that are terrified, hopeless, whatever that day or min brings, to know... we could survive, despite the odds, treatment etc. I wont be the same as i was, but everyone else can say that too. Cancer doesn't always win!!!!!!! I never like to be told what to do, and cancer was trying, I'm on top at this point. Hang in there, there is one Big Boss of me and I will continue to fight with his blessing.


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    So Good

    to hear of your success!!! 5 hrs of eating healthy. Wow. I started off committed but I have to admit I have slipped back in to old habits. My husband had a stroke shortly following my recovery from my hysterectomy and, following the traditions of my family, I ate myself through the stress of it all!

    i celebrate with you and will use you as a model to get back on track. 

    Mary Ann