Brushing your teeth


For those just beginning radiation therapy, I highly recommend the Oral B electric toothbrush with the round head.

Before I started treatments, my dentist recommended it for its obvious cleaning benefits. I didn't realize then how invaluable it would be for me.

I usually take my brush to work so I can be clean for treatments. The other day, I forgot it there and was forced to use my adult size manual brush at home.

Needless to say, it was excruciating due to the size, which hit every sore in my mouth resulting in a diminished cleaning. With the Oral B, no problem at all and I am able to clean all of my teeth thoroughly.

If you don't want the toothpaste to sting your sores, I recommend you don't brush your teeth at all.


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    Even after 4+ years past my rads I still can't use any minty toothpaste.  It stings!  Fortunately for me, in 1990 I was told I had gum disease and needed surgery to correct it.  Instead, my dental hygenist told me how to properly floss, use a proxy brush, and correct angle (45º) for my toothbrush.  My gums healed w/o the surgery.  Back then I used the Oral B and loved it.  My wife gave me a SonicCare for a gift and now I love that one even more.  The toothpaste I use is Pepsodent, or anything really mild.  My taste buds are just so dang sensitive.

    We all know it's a fight to keep our teeth after rads.  This site, with everyone's opinion has been great.  My surgeon just told me my teeth look fantastic.  Now if I can just keep them.  


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    Manual Toothbrush

    When I travel I don't always want to bring my Oral B Electric toothbrush so I did buy a new manual toothbrush.  It is a child size which has a very small head and very soft bristles.  This is a good alternative as a manual compared to adult size toothbrushes.  Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Hi Steve


    I will second that, the best toothbrush I have ever used is the Oral B, I got it about 5 or 6 years ago and it works like it did when it was new. Just replace the brush head now and then.




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    Hi Steve,   I also used an electric brush.  I did change the head often since I had thrush, severe muscosis, tons of open sores.  Between changing heads use to soak it is Oral B rinse ( has peroxide in it )with a bit of water.  Do not want a funky, gunky, brush. In recovery and still replace now once a mouth with soaking it in-between.  Do not want any infections if I can help prevent them.   Lisa