Long Term Chronic Pain From Brachytherapy

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I haven't been able to find any discussions regarding long term chronic (currently disabling pain)  from brachy therapy treatment for prostate cancer.  Briefly,  I had brachytherapy in 2004. I was hospitalized 16 months later and diagnosed with radiation cystitis.  Since December, 2015 , I am in more bladder pain and frequency then any time over the last 11 years.  My pain is excruciating and my current urologist said my cystoscopy was normal, which I am truly thankful for, but pain medication, flomax, and cialis is not helping.  Does anybody else have this problem? There is a lot more to my story, but I thought I'd wait to see who responds. None of my 'search' words or terms showed anything related to my current diagnosis. ThanK you.


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    Welcome to the Forum

    Hello and welcome to the forum. 

    Sorry but, as far as I can recall, not many men who have posted here over the past 5-6 years have used BT as their primary form of therapy and none of them have ever complained of long-term chronic pain as a result of it.  Perhaps I'm wrong and someone will respond with some helpful comments based on their personal experience.

    If you'll allow me to speculate, have you talked to anyone about removing your prostate (BT seeds and all) in order to alleviate the pain?  I am the LAST person to recommend prostate surgery for the treatment of PCa BUT, if there is something that occurred during the placement of the BT seeds that has caused the pain, perhaps the only way to alleviate that pain is to remove the prostate (assuming of course that the seeds themselves cannot be practically removed).  The purpose of the surgery in this case, of course, would be to alleviate the pain and not remove the cancer which I hope is in remission in your case.

    Just a thought.