Web Scams

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Web Scams

I posted this to the same thread that I had flagged earlier. It bothers me that there are so many damned scams that prey on those most vulnerable and cause them to accept a "remedy" that does nothing more than put cash in the pockets of the promoters.

Searching on the web has become very difficult lately. Finding the truth has become very difficult. Text has been "copied and pasted" millions of times across millions of servers, lending the notion that quantity equals quality. Mis-information and outright false information permeates everywhere. It even shows up in Politics....

That said:

Re: (jkimmedicalcentre2@gmail.com)

One "rule of thumb" that can be used to determine the authenticity of a business, is the email address they provide.

Most businesses (web and otherwise) have registered their business name. Simply searching for the business name listed can produce the information you can use to decide of it's an actual business, or someone working out of their guest room.

A registered business on the web is slightly different. The business name is called a "Domain name". And serious businesses on the Internet register their Domain name and demand a "static IP" address (looks like this: That static address is permanent to the Domain.

Along with the Domain name and static IP, the business now also has the ability to use it's own Email server (I have one). All email can be sent to (title@domain.com). Respectable businesses don't use gmail, yahoo, netzero, etc as Email servers. Aside from not having the ability to make use of multiple prefixes (sales@, info@, product name@, etc@) using a generic public server, the email is not as secure as it is on a private server. (the telcom servers, "free servers", as well as the dot gov servers are hacked 24/7/365; private servers aren't usually bothered with for it's lack of usable data).

So if you're going to buy on the web, look for the registered Domains, and look for email addresses that do not go to free, generic servers. There's no guarantee you won't get burned, but you'll greatly lessen your chances!

We have enough problems without getting scammed when we're already down.


Better health wishes for all!




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    What? So no snake oil, er pot

    What? So no snake oil, er pot oil then?

  • beaumontdave
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    Cannabis does help with

    Cannabis does help with neuropathy-type pain, I've felt the effect, but it's the other effects that I don't care for, the psycho-active stuff. I'm told one can get extracts and edibles that only have the CBD compounds, without the THC. If I find such a thing works without the "buzz", I'll report it to the blog, and get my legitimate website going.

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    Cannabis oil...... (wanna' brownie?)

    Cannabis oil...... (wanna'  brownie?)

    There's been extensive research with cannabis, oil included. Some studies are indicating some pretty decent results!

    And there's a difference between cannabis oil and hemp oil..... but who cares, right?

    Back in the 50s~60s, there was a study that showed Coca Cola injected into a vial of HIV virus actually killed the virus. Coke sales skyrocketed.

    Fear driven impulse is always remarkable....

    If cannabis oil, or mistletoe oil, or any oil of anything is invested in by a cancer riddled patient looking feverishly for a "cure", the investment should be very cautious and a lot of research should be taken prior to spending one's life's saving for something that simply won't make a difference.

    The argument isn't against the possibility of a resolve, the argument is against those that promote a vague possibility for only their personal gain.

    Trying out a new "remedy" is fine. I strongly suggest trying anything except chemotherapy and radiation. But it is very important that if one is to depart from the "acceptable path", that they do so with an educated approach and do not spend a lot of money on "remedies" that have little if any historical records to support their benefits.

    But even more importantly (and the reason for my post): beware of who is attempting to sell the goods to you. Getting snakegrass weed instead of cannabis isn't going to do you much good. People often spend more time buying a car than they do buying medicine....

    "Caveat Emptor"

    (know who you are buying from)

    Best of health



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    This is a great post - thank

    This is a great post - thank you. I get angry when trying to find legit studies/information and a bunch of miraculous cure websites come up. My dad uses weed as a mood enhancer. It works well. We don't think it will cure his cancer. Haven't tried the cannabis oil, though I did read some legit promising results In mice. 

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    Web Cams?

    Crap! I thought you were selling web cams!

    I follow the "guarantee" rule. If anyone guarantees certain results or in our case, cancer cures, it gets files under BS