Medical Bill Errors (Problem Solved) Follow-Up!

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Hi Everyone,

Original Question:

I am responsible for caring for my elderly relative, who is sick and in need of constant attention. As of late, the medical bills and procedures have significantly increased. Unfortunately, I am getting incredibly fatigued and frustrated. On top of all of this, I believe the medical bills of the individual are incorrect and more than what they should be. 

I really don't have the time or energy to solve this. I was wondering if anyone knew of a respected company that could accurately find these mistakes and save me much need money. 


I did some research over the week and actually found some companies that answer the exact question I previously asked. If anyone is interested, visit I personally recommend DB because they have a success rate that exceeds 70% and a very personable staff that solves these types of questions quickly/professionally. Bottom line is that I have finally found a specific company that can do this time consuming work for myself and help me finally save me money! Smile