Radical Nephrectomy - I'm Trying To Stay Optimistic



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    Growth rate

    welcome and sorry you are here.  Ice is correct, the "growth" may just be a result of the cuts of the images and nothing more.  The size of the mass may be a few millimeters off from what the scan shows. Mine was 1mm larger than seen on my films, but I've seen some people come back with a mass that was several mm smaller. 

    Like Ice suggested, you might consider a second opinion.  Read my about me section to learn more about second opinions.

    Good luck. 

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    Thanks for the advice!

    Thanks for the advice! @medic1971, the video is excellent. I'm considering a visit to Anderson (at my own expense). 

    Several of my friends are pushing me to get a second opinion. One of my friends (also a nurse) told me that the tumor may not be growing at all. 

    While I would love to live in the denial stage a little longer, my situation doesn't sound good based on the MRI report. I'm in Canada (the land of "free" health care) and they expedited my surgery. They typically don't expedite unless a serious issue has been identified. I'm just afraid that I'm wasting more time for myself and my care team if I seek second opinions.

    I'm prepared to part with this kidney. 

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    Another thought, but not from experience



    At 5 cm you are near the upper size limit for a partial anyway and everything else has to fall in place for a partial. I never had a choice as they were not doing partilals then back in the dark ages.




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    Hello, i just had my surgery

    Hello, i just had my surgery 2months ago.…before surgery ,ct shows me 4,3-4,7.…after surgery , pathology test was 3,5-4,5 the real size.…you must wait is difficult but cant change nothing till surgery, only enjoy the time.…in octomber i have my first check up.…till then i decide to enjoy the life.…i cant change nothing,only eat right and do exercises.…take care and be strong.…sorry for my english,not native speaker.