Aspirin and Cancer (Colon Specific) New Study

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    is this the one you were looking for?

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    Funny, I saw my GP for the

    Funny, I saw my GP for the first time in quite a while. He asked about my treatment and how often I got a colonoscopy. I told him I was at a five year interval, and he stated he has to get one every year, that they've removed over 300 polyps from his colon. I asked if he took the baby aspirin, and he said he was going to start. I was a little shocked that a doctor with those kinds of issues wasn't doing one of the simpler preventitive measures available to maybe save him a lot of future grief. I told him I hadn't had anything in my colon since the original diagnosis, and it seemed a simple thing to do, assuming you can handle a daily aspirin. He just never tried it, so I guess even doctors aren't up on all the information out there. It just surprised me..........................................Dave