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One of the real weaknesses of this board is the search function.  I cannot even find posts from two months ago or less when using very specific phrases that I know were in the posts.  There was a recent one discussing aspirin.  I did a search for aspirin, 2014 was the latest one.  Tried advanced search and other things to try to pin down, including going through pages.  I have run into this numerous times, but figured I would bring it up.  I have something to post and would have fit right in to recent thread/bump of it.  But will start a new one :)


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    A fairly easy way to find anything on the web, is using the full benefits of a search engine.

    To find all instances of "aspirin" on a specific web site, just type your request into Google like this:

    aspirin site: 2016

    You can leave off the "2016" if you want all years, or put "2014" or whatever year you require.

    When you add the "site:_____.___" after your search text, the search engine will limit it's search to only that specific site. Adding a date (as shown) will further limit the search to that period of time.

    You can eliminate sites or words from the search results by simply adding what you want eliminated to the end of the search request, like this: -ibuprofen or -trump. The search engine will present you with all results, except that which you have asked it not to. (note the -  (minus) sign)

    And of course, you can force the engine to add a specific word or term, by using the plus (+) sign before the word/term you're looking for. (+ibuprofen)



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