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I have a question.  Until now all is well.  I have aches/pains but I am alive and everyone does.  Anyway, Friday I finished by 18th external radiation.  I have had some tenderness "down there" but this morning it is more than tender it hurts like the devil.  I have some blisters.  I have been taking cool sitz baths, leaving a cool wet towel on the affected area.. tried some aloe lotion but I didn't notice it had alcohol in it and double owie....  Daughter is bringing me some aloe leaves.   Husband is on his way to pharmacy to talk to our pharmacist for some otc solution (he is wonderful and keeps track of me extremely well.  We are blessed)  My question, does anyone have a magic solution???  Hoping 2 days no radiation will be good but still have 7 to go...  eeeekkkk.  And I want them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I am too sore to walk and this couch is getting real old real fast.



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    A woman, Dale, who was

    A woman, Dale, who was posting on the Gynecologic (other than uterine or ovarian) board talked about having this issue.  Here is the link to that thread.  


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    Oh no, that sounds so painful!

    Oh no, that sounds so painful! Have you contacted your radiation-oncologist's office? Mine told me to contact them if I had any questions or concerns about treatment and they were super responsive. Yours may know the best way to control that side-effect. Hope you get some relief soon! Kim

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    ice help? seems like it would be burny