My dad's Voice prothesis was removed?? To enable speech ? How ? Why



It's a human right to speech yet dad's voice prothesis was removed to enable with swallowing difficulties . 


They have caused him to aspirate continuesly .. Now he can't , talk walk , eat or drink. 



3. In order to prevent the occurrence of all forms of exploitation, violence and abuse, States Parties shall ensure that all facilities and programmes designed to serve persons with disabilities are effectively monitored by independent authorities.

4. States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to promote the physical, cognitive and psychological recovery, rehabilitation and social reintegration of persons with disabilities who become victims of any form of exploitation, violence or abuse, including through the provision of protection services. Such recovery and reintegration  


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    There is more to this than you wrote.

    If his TEP prosthesis was leaking and causing aspiration they normally just change it out. Was he having swallowing problems when it was in but not leaking? Now as far as speaking he can still use an EL to speak with. Many Larys do.

    Not trying to be rude, but most of what you are saying just doesn't make much sense, I have the TEP voice prosthesis and have for several years.  Some people just can't use them, but that does not stop him from speaking.

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    That looks a little...

    Spamie to me...