An interesting article worth reading.

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An interesting article worth reading.

Sometimes our choices appear more difficult than they need be. Never, ever allow fear to be your driving force.

Treatment options

There are "other ways". Results may vary, and there is presently absolutely no "cure" or guarantee that any modality will work against cancer. Recurrences happen, in spite of whatever one does; it is what happens between, that counts. Your quality of life matters!

The choice is yours, if you have the courage. Learn as much as you can, and do not believe the industrial hype.


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    Thank you, John

    Interesting article. 

    It is a hard decision not to undergo conventional treatment, and never seems to fail causing a fluster with the medical world.

    I know several people who have refused treatment, chosing to 'live' before they died as opposed to suffer what could possibly be long and dibilitating side effects from chemo and/or radiation treatment. 

    It takes guts to make any kind of decision when your life is on the line and physicians should respect that. 


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    Thanks for sharing that. It

    Thanks for sharing that. It is interesting and very interesting that she survived. I was seriously considering not doing mop up chemo it went ahead with it because I didn't want to have my cancer return and be kicking myself in the butt for not doing it. Then the chemo gave me the blood clot that could have killed me and has affected my life so negatively. Now I'm kicking myself for doing it.

    The thing with alternative medicines is that most people don't try it until their cancer is advanced so that kind of skews the numbers.