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Oh my,  I just got a call from the nurse at the doctors office. Im glad she called cause i dont have to wait all day and worry but at the same time i dont like this because now nshe is calling the imaging center to scedule an appointment to get a port a cath put in. she told me she wanted to put the port in and do a chemo treatment all in one day.  I told her I could do it Monday or tuesday next week.  That is so soon and I am scared again.  This is really happening.  It really is my life.  Need some support soon. 


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    Port and Chemo on Same Day

    Hi Janaes, my understanding is that getting chemo on the same day the port is inserted is not all that unusual so please don't worry. Also, remember that the sooner you start chemo, the sooner it is over. Mine seemed to take forever because I had 25 radiation treatments between my 3rd and 4th chemo treatments. I could not wait for it all just to be over with so I could get on with life. You will soon look back at this time and discover how incredibly brave and strong you are. You can do this!! Kim

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    You can do this.  I did mine

    You can do this.  I did mine the same day.  The port will be the best way as it will save your veins.  One day at a time.  If you can take someone with you that day.  They can set outside while you get the port then go to the chemo room and set with you while you get your chemo.  I had my daughter come to every one of the treatmetn days.  We bought cards, movies, food so it was really easier with some one there with you. Good Luck. trish

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    They want to start chemo within a timeframe from your surgery

    Typically they said not later than 6 weeks from surgery is best.  And yes, get a port, it's the easiest way to get chemo.  I don't remember reading what stage and grade they finally decided you had.  If it truly is the garden variety, then it's possible that chemo will be less treatments.  In most cases with high grade, you will have 6 treatments every 3 weeks.  I wanted to start as soon as possible, but couldn't schedule around the holidays, so I had to wait 5 weeks before starting.  Hugs Nancy