fiance has testicular cancer started chemo today and I'm a wreck

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 my fiance and I are both mid twenties and Super Active so when we found out that he had testicular cancer that turned our world upside down. he's had the surgery and started chemotherapy today. he's always such a positive and uplifting guy, always looking on the bright side. but of course this morning before he went to chemo he wasn't doing well emotionally. we managed to get through his 5 Hour chemo with  laughs and me sitting next to him making silly faces. tonight he's sicker than a dog he's been in the bathroom for the last hour and a half and finally I got him settled into bed and he's asleep. I want to help him in any way possible but I don't even know where to begin. any tips or suggestions on how to make things easier for all of us would be amazing. thank you in advance for any suggestions

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    Nausea medication

    Zofran is one.  There are patches that can be worn if oral is not an option.

    Staying well hydrated is important.  Gatorade will help keep things in balance but water is great, too.

    I'm sorry y'all are going through this.

    Make sure to check the board for this type of cancer, too.