Elderly and Alimpta

Rosie2016 Member Posts: 1

Good afternoon: I am taking care of my 85 y/o mother who has adeno-ca of the lung; diagnosed very early, stage 1A 2 yrs. ago;  undwent Radiation, did well but had microscopic substernal spread last yr; underwent 6 wks radiation, did great.  Then 2 months ago had increasing shortness of breath, went in and CT showed multiple tumors in left lung and fluid accumulation in right lung.  Had a nightmare experience with Aspira catheter.  Had 2 doses of Opdivo, no side effects but turns out only a small percent of her cancer will be affected by Opdivo so they are suggesting Alimpta.  She is fragile and in poor health and is very concerned as are we about taking chemo (Alimpta).  I'd be interested in how people have done with the side effects, especially anyone who is older.  The oncologist told us that Alimpta is somewhat inocuous compared to other chemos, i.e. on a scale of 1-10 (10 being worst), Alimptas side effects rate 2-3 in most people.  We (family) and my mom are fully ready to say no but don't want to make too hasty of a decision and would really like to hear other patient experiences.  THANK YOU!!