Hi all.  I am a newbie.  Stage 3b Uterine Clear Cell Metastatic Cancer.  Currently experiencing back pain and fissures after chemo ended 3/1.  Anyone have fissures and a secret to getting rid of them? Tried 2 rounds of suppositories already with little relief.   Have call in to doctor about back pain.  Also wondering when I will feel less fatigued and more like me again?  How long does it take? Thinking about trying a cancer center, any suggestions? Live in the South but will travel.  Was thinking Dana Farber or Sloan Kettering.   I am eating raw and vegan 85% of the time and juicing, drinking green tea and taking salt baths.  Doctor didnt recommend any of these just heard from several friends about the hallejuah diet and started in January eating clean.  

Lots of questions for yall. Thanks in advance.  


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    Welcome to the board.  I am sorry that I don't have any suggestions for you as far as the fissures go.  Maybe some of the other women on this board can help you out there.  As far as the fatigue goes, that is variable.  It can take many months to get back to "normal." You've only been off chemo for 3 months, so your body is still recovering.

    Just out of curiosity, are you drinking green tea with your vegan meals?  The polyphenols in the tea can bind to iron from vegetables and grains, making iron absorption more difficult.  It does not have that effect with iron from meat, fish or poultry.  Drinking the tea away from iron-containing vegan meals can help with that as can adding lemon.  Is there any chance that you are anemic?  That could also be contributing to your fatigue.

    Again, welcome to the board and ask away.  The women here are a wealth of information and experience, and I'm glad that I discovered the board early on in my journey. Glad that you found us, but sorry you had to.


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    Sitz Bath

    i didn't have fissures but a horrible external hemorroid. Sitz baths 3x a day was my savior!  

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    Oncology Dietitian

    Hi Kikig, so sorry that you are going through this tough patch but glad that you found this site. I don't have any experience with fissures but regarding your change in eating habits, have you consulted with a oncology dietitian? Your body needs a lot of protein to bounce back from the chemo. The dietitian may be able to help you tweak your diet slightly to help you get the proper nutrition to feel better. I think your idea about contacting a cancer center about getting assistance is a good place to start. Please let us know how it goes and how you are doing, okay? Wishing you peace and strength, Kim

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    Thank you

    Thank you ladies for the warm welcome! Gratefully my fissure issue went away last week after 4 months of pain. Crazy happy. As quickly as it came... it went!  Seeing a doctor next week about it though since it is on the schedule.  Back pain eased up a little so could sleep.  

    Thanks for the advice on the green tea.  Also yes I need to find a oncology dietician in my area. 

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    Welcome! I too have clear

    Welcome! I too have clear cell stage 3C. i just finished chemo last week. Yesterday I was full of energy and doing great, but come evening dreaded diarea:( usually I have constipation, so go figure. I think for me it will be one step forward, two steps back.