18 months scans

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Just received my 18 month scans results, NED, no changes from last scans 6 month ago. The lungs nodules did not grow. Liver to watch cause it's a little fatty! 

I love the good news!

Cheers to all of you! 



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    Wonderful news, thanks for

    Wonderful news, thanks for sharing it

    Love this Ned trend. Jojo, you and who's next?

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    Oh Canada




    Jojo and you are monopolizing Uncle Ned in Canada. Its about time you sent him down to the States to visit with the rest of us in the us.




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    Great news Dave!!

    Thank you for sharing.  Send NED on his way to make visits elsewhere now. 


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    Fantastic news!  Keep up the

    Fantastic news!  Keep up the good work!

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    Great News

    Glad to hear it!!


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    Perhaps its a reward for loyalty to the crown?

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    Great news wonderful to here!


  • Allochka
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    Congratulations! Please

    Congratulations! Please remember that Uncle NED is welcome not only in US and Canada, but also across the pond in Europe :-)

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    Fantastic news! So happy for

    Fantastic news! So happy for you :)

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    glad to hear that you get to miss out on all the fun many have getting radiation and all. Keep it that way. And, Never stop getting follow ups. Congrats! Fox.

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    Great news Dave!

    Very happy to hear the good news Dave!  Please include Paris in Uncle Ned's visit list late this month after it's done visiting Canada and the US


  • foroughsh
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    Please add Tehran to his

    Please add Tehran to his itinerary too, I intend to meet him late this month :)