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Hi my name is Kerry. I'm a 47 year old female. I'm recently diagnosed as of a month ago. I have a 3-4 cm mass on the back center of my left kidney partially sticking out. I am still in shock. I have been in a funk since I found out. 

We found it while during a ct for my appendix the beginning of April. MRI confirmed the mass the beginning of May.  I have seen a urologic oncologist and surgery is scheduled for 6/29. I feel like life as I know it will end that day and  what comes after that I have no idea. I am scheduled for a robotic laporosopic surgery through my back. I'm still recovering from my appendectomy in April. I'm not quite sure why I'm here but I feel,like no understands maybe like you all will. 


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    Hey Kerry

    54 year old male talkng here.

    The diagnosis is terrifying. Once I heard the word 'cancer' I heard nothing in the conversation apart from the fast approaching silence of the grave.

    I believe I went through the two weeks between my diagnosis and my nephrectory in a total stupor of fear, which I think I did quite well at hiding from mt co-workers and students.

    You dont need me to remind you that the 'C' word used to be a death sentence. Its not anymore, especially for you.

    I was diagnosed in May 2013 with stage 4 kidney cancer. My main tumour in my kidney was 10cm. That tumour is now gone, along with my kidney, but I also had mets ( metastatic or spreading) tumours in my lungs. I'm still here. Living a pretty good life: as you will.

    Your tumour seems a bit of a tiddler, which may mean that they just cut it out and then monitor you afterwards: no worries.

    If they have to go further, then there are plenty of treatments available for you. You may have read about the new imminotherapies which seem to be doing fantastic work in combating cancers.

    So, I reckon you havent got anything to worry about apart from that horrible word "CANCER"!

    As for your fear, dont worry, we all go through it. We all deal with it in different ways, and it shall pass.

    You're in shock, we all have been. Anyone who reads your post will recognize what you're going through. We all wish you the best. You'll be fine.

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    How do you think each of us felt


    How do you think each of us felt when we were told we had kidney cancer and the first thing they wanted  to do was yank out your kidney.We were all scared sh--less at the time. That was 14 years ago for me. The good news is that at 3-4cm they caught it before it could misbehave and spread. You will be fine. They will monitor in case it spreads (very very rare) or if it developes in the other kidney (very unlikely).  I wish I could tell you that the surgery is a piece of cake, but I would be laughed off this board. You will be fine. Sorry you had to join the club which no one in their right mind would volunteer to join. After you are nephed we will teach you the secret handshake and you can help us with the newbies down the road.



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    Welcome Kerry

    I reiterate what Footsie & Icemantoo have said.  Mine was about the size of yours and that was late 2012, and I was 59 at the time.  I also had the robotic lap, except mine was done from the front.  I have not heard of going in from the back, but that is not to say it isn't done that way.  And who knows, could be the latest & greatest in dealing with this.  The anxiety is the worst part, by far.  Although surgery left me pretty weak temporarily, recovery wasn't so bad and within a few weeks I was back at work. 

    You'll get thru this and we'll be here to help along the way when you want us.

    I'll be praying for you,


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    Same Boat... but NOT the Titanic


    Many similarities to your situation over here.  My tumor was classified at 3.8 cm initially (but was 2.8 when they measured it outside) and was on the backside of the kidney.  However my urologist decided to go in from the front.  Not exactly sure what the benefits or drawbacks are to either one but the important thing is that the robotic surgery is very good and my pain situation was really good after that one.  There's nothing good about surgery EXCEPT that they are removing the cancer from your body and, if the tumor is as small as they believe (maybe smaller), you have an excellent prognosis.  I have been told a 98% chance of non-recurrence.

    The biggest change in your life?  Well, you've already alluded to it.  There will always be a nagging feeling about what you went through and a fear around every scan time.  It's totally natural and if you hang around this board you will see that we all go through it, even us Stage 1'ers.  

    People who have never been through it (or haven't directly been involved with someone who went through it) will not really understand and they may not even want to talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable.  Don't take it personally.  Most people want to go through life believing nothing bad can happen to them or the people they love.  But I find that when they DO need a helping hand, and they remember that I went through it, I'm happy to help them with advice and knowledge.  

    So focus on the here and now.  Be grateful that it was found early and that is about to be outside your body.  

    - Jay 

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    Hey Kerry

    There is little more I can add to what everyone else has told you already.  Just want to be one more person to repeat to you that soon it will be over and you have an excellent prognosis.  Try to find ways to relax and calm your anxiety before the surgery, easier said than done I know, but it can be worked on!  You will be soon telling us how well you are recovering and feeling!