So far so good

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So, the 16 week scans show stability. Both lung mets that they follow are exactly the same... 11mm and 19mm.

Opvido is holding.  I agree with Footstomper, because there are no side effects, it seems so unusual to feel this good, and be stable too. 

We escaped the Sacramento valley heat, and are at Winchester Bay on the Oregon coast until September. George will fish, and I watch.  Perfect at 65 degrees !  The Willamette Valley Cancer Center will take over while I am up here...and THEY come out to the coast to see me in Florence ... How special do I feel!  Of course, they hold clinic every Tuesday, so it isn't JUST me, but what the life for the next 4 months.  Infusions continue here, and I can FLY. 

So, speaking of FLY... Fox... You should have updates soon if I figure right.  Hope everyone does well...



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    No side effects, no crapping yourself, no tumour growth. Its bloody magic aint it?


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    ........all of that sounds great!  So happy to hear of your good news.

    Hoping to hear more of the same from Fox.



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      Three positive posts this morning.  There may be something to those clinical results.  Getting out of the Sacto valley has to be counted as a win by itself.

    I am happy for you and the others. 


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    Guys fighting this disease at

    Guys fighting this disease at higher stages - I wish you all to kick cancer's butt! And you'll do it!

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    Believe me

    when I say that I am so happy and proud of you guys. I've watched and listened to your tales since you arrived. I'm really happy to see excitement about nivo and its minimal side effects compared to votrient or sutent. Not to mention the Il-2. Too bad I couldn't have stayed on it when on trial. My care would have taken a different path. But I just recieved my 12th infusion a couple days ago. Finally just had my radiation 2 weeks ago. It will be several more weeks until scans so we will see. Sometimes the machine moves slowly.

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    You know we all wish you the best of luck

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    I've happy for the good news, it's wonderful to have no side effect and stable Mets at same time.

    Wish you continue health


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    YAAAY Pam and others! Glad

    YAAAY Pam and others! Glad you are  stable, hopeful!

    I think of you ALL!

    Hugs, Jan