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my husband was diagnosed with neck tumor along with lymph node in December 2015. Primary was never found.  He finished chemo and radiation on 3/15. doctors were very positive when they could not feel tumor anymore. On 4/6 ct scan done on neck and lungs and only showed small lump left in neck.

on 5/27 he had a restaging pet scan done which showed neck cancer resolved but several sub centimeters nodules in both lungs with largest one being 1cm that light up on pet.

dr is waiting 2 weeks to see if growth and do a ct scan, but findings for now are metasized lung cancer.

anyone experienced this? 




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    It is really disheartening to finish treatment and then be told you might have to deal with cancer again. I have two nodules that were discovered during my bout with cancer. My doctors checked them every three months and said they are stable. They also told me that lung nodules are not uncommon and can have a variety of causes like aspirated food, infection, and previous illnesses. Waiting those two weeks will be hard, but you can come to this site any time for encouragement. 

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    Good odds it will be nothing.

    I have seen over the years that if you get screened very soon after treatment people get many false positives. 


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    Thank you for responding, we

    Thank you for responding, we are praying for good results. Our oncologists was not encouraging about this.

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    I had a recurrence of cancer

    in 3 lymph nodes in my neck, 3 years after my initial treatment.  I had 25 radiation treatments, and then a 3 month post treatment PET scan.  The latest PET showed two nodules, less than 1 cm on each lung.  The Drs. told me the same MrsBD....that as we age, they pop up and are common....they will be watching them closely, of course (another scan in 3 months) but no one seems overly concerned.


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    After my second cancer treatments all my PET scans showed a nodule on my lower right lung but it never got any bigger, it just stayed the same. Doctors not sure why it did what it did but 10 years later I am still not having any problems with it