Blood in urine >a week after partial nephrectomy

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Hello everyone -

You have all been so great as emotional support, and I can't tell you how much I have appreciated it!  Now I need to tap into your medical knowledge/experiences.

By all accounts, my partial nephrectomy (May 23rd) went well, and I just had my staples taken out yesterday.  Everything seems to be healing well, at least incision wise.  I still have some soreness, but overall I'm feeling pretty good.  But this morning, I woke up and my urine was cola-colored.  A few minutes later I tried again and could visibly see blood in my urine.  I called the doctor, and the nurse practitioner called back to say "drink more water" (I am already drinking a ton) and monitor it.  If I feel like I'm getting a UTI (which I do not), I should come in.  And if it doesn't resolve by early next week, call back.

I suppose I should take the nonchalance as a good thing, but this is the first time I've had blood in my urine since the procedure, and it's freaking me out!

Any insights?




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    Blood in urine

    Hi Robyn,

    I'm not really any help cause I tend to been prone to UTI's and I'd insist on at least dropping off a specimen, just to rule it out.  During your surgery they had to put in a catheter and it's not unusual to end up with a UTI from that, although it probably would have shown up sooner. 

    On another note:  have you strained yourself or anything of that nature?

    Just seems to me that waiting until next week is too long, especially if something is brewing.

    Good luck, keep us posted,


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    Oh dear, so sorry you are

    Oh dear, so sorry you are going through this. I have not heard of this myself. But I can imagine it is scary. Wonder if the RN told the doctor and if they think you need a lab test? I would call back if it doesn't pass soon. MY layperson's theory, since they do not seem concerned, is that perhaps it is old blood from the kidney passing through and it is no biggie, hence the water to flood the old blood out of your system. Maybe?

    Let us know what happens. I know  this must've scared you too.

    Hugs, Jan

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    In my opinion this is pretty much the best way to deal with this disease. 

    I think you should nonchalantly phone your doctor. your GP (or whatever theyre called over here in the States - Primary Care Provider) and ask him what he thinks you should do. And then you should probably call your Oncologist.

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    not likely. new tumor already? not likely. residual trauma contained to your urological system? probably. drink more water, take your temp. no recovery is perfect.

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    I'd follow Footstomper's

    I'd follow Footstomper's advice and insist on talking to the doctor. Most likely it's nothing but why worry over it?

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    Talk to doctor

    I would make sure I talked to my doctor, specifically the surgeon. 

    It could be nothing, but since you had a partial, I'd be concerned about your remaining kidney. Unless this is an expected, documented side effect of a partial that I'm unaware of. Call surgeon for peace of mind!!

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    I had a partial and no blood

    I had a partial and no blood in urine. However, I did come home with a drain that stayed in for a week so maybe that's why not.

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    I bled a little

    With my partial I bled a little.  As Jan said, its just some old stuff working out.  It does not take much blood to look like a lot.

    Keep an eye on it. 


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    Which doctor did you call? I'd make sure to talk to the surgeon or surgeon's nurse/assistant. They are most familiar with possible complications and  what to watch out for.


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    Partials can have bleeding weeks after as a complication

    Occasionally a partial can bleed and may need to be cauterized. Get it checked for sure if it continued! I had some new pain a week out from surgery and the doctor asked if I had blood in my urine and if I saw any to get to an ER for blood work to see if it was a surgical site bleed. He said the vessels in the kidney sometimes bleed as much as 4 weeks or so out. I had no blood, but later got light headed and more sharp pain and Dr sent me to ER. The ER did the blood work and then needed a CT scan to see the cause of odd blood results. Ended up being an internal bleed in my abdominal muscle, but my kidney was fine. Three nights in the hospital, two bags of plasma and Vitamin K took care of it, but it was scary!